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ProEight, founded in 1998, is a Malaysian engineering company specializing in designing, manufacturing, and installing mechanical seals, pumps, and rotating equipment. Originally focused on marine engineering consultation, ProEight expanded into mechanical seal production in 2005, investing in ongoing research and development for enhanced product reliability. Notably, our solutions have addressed sand issues in oil and gas equipment, establishing a strong track record. Accredited with API Specification Q1 in 2012, ProEight upholds international standards, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With a dedicated team of experienced engineers and technicians, we offer comprehensive engineering solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, cementing our position as a trusted leader in the oil and gas industry.


Mechanical seals

The combination of mechanical seals, R.S.T Mechaflex®, and an improved compression unit, Flexical® specializes in eliminating sand and reliability issues due to its simplistic design. The design can accommodate large shaft deflection and has the ability to yield superior heat dissipation.

Cyclone Separator

CycloDyne® guarantees the exceptional performance of up to 98% separation efficiency in eliminating foreign particles such as sand from entering a mechanical seal during operation. CycloDyne® is the safest cyclone separator in the world; equipped with an intelligent feedback system and a double protection encasement. The removable insert can be easily replaced thus minimizing equipment maintenance downtime.


Modularis® is modular pump technology that has the ability to adapt to any process changes in a centrifugal pump. The internal lining inserts are meticulously engineered and are removable and replaced instantaneously once worn out. The fully CNC inserts can be made of various types of material to endure erosive and corrosive environments thus significantly improving reliability whilst reducing maintenance costs.


Tripeller® is an innovative customizable impeller that is precisely machined using state-of-the-art CNCs. Tripeller® is extremely robust and able to withstand the highly erosive and corrosive environment in a centrifugal pump. The versatility of Tripeller® ensures manufacturing flexibility in using any type of material to meet the client’s operational requirements.

Re-Engineer & Re-Juvenate (R&R)

ProEight’s Re-Engineer and Rejuvenate (R&R) is an essential service that helps transform old equipment into brand new. The process required thorough inspection to identify potential weak spots, followed by design optimization and analysis of stresses and strains on the equipment using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). R&R helps extend equipment lifespan, improve efficiency and reliability, and allow clients to revitalize their existing equipment, potentially leading to substantial cost savings.

Recent News

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