The Comprehensive Training Hub for Industrial Rotating Equipment Excellence

ProEight provides comprehensive technical training courses on mechanical seals, encompassing installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Training is available through diverse methods, including classroom sessions and virtual platforms. This ensures that end users, including engineers, technicians, operators, and mechanics, acquire the necessary knowledge for the successful operation, performance, and reliability of mechanical seals.

Mechanical Seals Training

A mechanical seal is a sealing device that aids systems by controlling leakage, maintaining pressure, and eliminating contamination. They are an integral component in industrial pumps, compressors, and other applications.

There are various types of mechanical seals, namely, pusher, non-pusher, unbalanced, balanced, and cartridge types.
To provide the participants with the knowledge and skills to select, install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot mechanical seals for various applications.
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