Modular Pump Technology

MODULARIS offers revolutionary centrifugal pumps design, which allows efficiency optimization and provides reliable operation for any service conditions.
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Innovativeness & Usefulness

State-of-the-art Manufacturing

MODULARIS is machined entirely using high precision CNC equipment thus eliminating casting manufacturing processes. As a result, quality is superior whilst manufacturing speed is 5 times faster than conventional casting method.

Customization Freedom

Parts of a MODULARIS are highly customizable. Each part can be individually customized to satisfy the desired operating parameters.

Extreme Durability

MODULARIS modular concept provides the freedom to combine various exotic materials to enhance the equipment life cycle even in the most extreme condition

Hassle Free Maintenance

Worn out inserts of the MODULARIS can be replaced instantaneously with readily available spare parts. By combining other ProEight invention such as CENTRIC, users will experience a smooth and effortless maintenance work. As a result, equipment down time and maintenance cost can be reduced tremendously

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