Mechaflex R.S.T. VortexEYE

Heavy Duty Single Cartridge Seal

Incorporates Revolutionary Patented Flexical & Laser patented face for maintenance-free operations.
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R.S.T Series

R.S.T Series is compact, built with simplicity in design and incorporates the innovative sealing unit, FLEXICAL.

MECHAFLEX is proved to be yet another great innovation through ProEight’s extensive research and development, incorporating the patented, state-of-the-art sealing unit; the FLEXICAL. Field performance has proven that MECHAFLEX can successfully perform in most problematic and difficult pumps with demanding environments, providing the best sealing solution.

Design Features

  • Flexical compression unit
    • High flexibility
    • Excellent heat dissipation
    • Advanced material technology
    • High reliability factor
    • Resistant in slurry application
  • ProEight Vortexeye laser pattern face for outboard seal


-40°C to 310°C/-40°F to 590°F
Vacuum to 100 Bar G/2,540 psig
Sliding Speeds
55 m/s / 11,000 fpm
Seals Size
1.375” to 4.875”
(please consult Engineering for seal size not listed)

Seal Application

  • Seal arrangement 2
  • Upstream & downstreamn
  • Upstream & downstream (crude oil, condensate, H2S, etc.)
  • Process fluid with high suspended particles (slurry) and high viscosity

Industrial Application

Oil & Gas Production
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