Compression Spring


Essential components in countless mechanical systems, come in various categories designed to cater to diverse applications

Benefits of This Product

CNC machining for compression spring fabrication

CNC machining offers a cutting-edge and efficient approach to manufacturing, characterized by precision, customization capabilities, quick setup, and high-speed efficiency. The precision manufacturing aspect ensures the production of compression springs with consistent and accurate dimensions, meeting stringent quality standards.

Corrosion resistance Alloy C-276 material

The incorporation of Alloy C-276 material in ProEight's compression springs ensures outstanding resistance to corrosion. This feature proves especially advantageous in environments where potential exposure to moisture, chemicals, or corrosive substances is a significant consideration, as commonly encountered in marine or chemical processing applications.

Proprietary spring calculation

Employing proprietary spring calculation methods guarantees precise tuning of load and deflection characteristics, enabling compression springs to meet the specific requirements of the intended application.

Variety of wire diameter options

A varied array of wire diameter sizes is typically available for compression springs. ProEight ensures that its inventory of wire sizes aligns with the specified preferences for wire diameter in compression spring applications, including those in mechanical seals, labyrinth rings, or compressor rod packing.

Spring Illustration
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